Mark Cantor founded Cantor Advisors in 2000 and has subsequently advised a multitude of financially-distressed companies ranging in size from $50 million to $2 billion in revenue, providing analytical, performance improvement, and restructuring services within most major industries including:


  • Distributors – consumer products, industrial parts, books, pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturers – household products, medical devices, plastics, ornaments, railcars and parts, and rubber tires
  • Service companies – technology implementation and outsourcing, lab testing, for-profit education, and employment
  • Telecommunications – outsourcing, phone services, hardware
  • High-tech – software
  • Retailers – department store, discount, agricultural/home center


Cantor spent most of his early career in banking with Chase Manhattan Bank and Citibank where he participated in acquisitions and divestitures, developed joint ventures, led the development and implementation of an activity-based cost accounting program, and led a merger-driven business and technology consolidation. 

Subsequently, Cantor served as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Walker Digital, where his role was to create and lead new ventures based on proprietary Walker Digital process patents. 

Cantor was credit-trained at Chase and earned an MBA from Columbia University School of Business. 

He lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.


Success Stories


As the interim CEO/CRO for a $70 million injection molding and medical products company, Cantor Advisors managed all financial and operational aspects of the business, eliminating the cash burn by reducing operating expenses and improving working capital management while restructuring its balance sheet through a bankruptcy and successful 363 sale.

As the CRO for a television production and post-production studio, Cantor Advisors led the effort to eliminate the cash burn by reducing operating expenses and improving working capital management while restructuring its balance sheet through bankruptcy protection and a successful 363 sale.

As COO of a troubled consumer products company, Cantor implemented management and financial processes that resurrected the company’s profitability and service quality. This company was initially going to be sold or liquidated. After driving significant improvements in cash flow, gross margin, and service quality, however, the strategy was changed and the company continues as a going concern to this day. 

As interim executive at a health care services company, developed an operational restructuring plan, company-wide project management and new center rollout process, and led the revenue cycle and IT departments, conceptualizing and implementing a data exchange process (among other things) which significantly shortened the company’s revenue cycle.

As a member of an advisory team, assisted a bank group in the successful restructuring of a $350MM credit facility, recovering the entire principal and interest from the original unsecured facility. 

Developed the strategy and business plan for the $500MM refinancing of a financially distressed $1.5 billion pharmaceutical distributor and subsequent sale of significant non-performing assets. 

Developed the strategy and business plan for the successful 363 sale of a financially-distressed heavy manufacturer of railroad products. 

Developed the strategy and business plan for the successful restructuring of a $500MM telecommunication company. 


Situation Analysis
Operational Restructuring
Financial Restructuring
Bankruptcy Case Management

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