Turnaround Management - Bankruptcy Case Management

In a restructuring, bankruptcy can be a useful tool or a debilitating imposition. There are numerous arcane, unexpected requirements and never-ending reporting requirements; court approval is required for some of the most basic decisions made by a business. In this unfamiliar world, bankruptcy counsel is not enough; a business professional is required to ensure that the strategy and timing of a bankruptcy support the company’s goals, appropriate communications are made to vendors, customers, and employees, reporting is completed in a timely manner, DIP financing is arranged and managed, and the business’s operations continue and improve during the bankruptcy process. 

Cantor Advisors manages the end-to-end process from bankruptcy strategy development to filing, 363 sale, and the exit plan, from court hearings to the reporting requirements. When advised by Cantor Advisors, companies operating under bankruptcy protection have retained all of their customers and vendors, exited successfully, thereby maximizing value for their key constituencies.



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