Turnaround Management - Financial Restructuring

Since cash is king, one of the most important tasks is to identify the short-term liquidity requirements, long-term liquidity requirements, and where the liquidity will come from. 

Short-term balance sheet restructuring requires better working capital management and the sale of non-performing assets.

Longer-term balance sheet restructuring starts with an accurate evaluation of corporate viability and a realistic business plan. With these in hand, Cantor Advisors will obtain the support of existing financing sources or new ones while implementing the more permanent financial restructuring plan, a plan that might require an out-of-court or in-court company sale, refinancing, or debt restructuring. Having completed a multitude of out-of-court and in-court restructuring transactions, Cantor Advisors has the experience to identify and implement the alternative with the highest probability of a successful close, the lowest cost, and the most flexibility for the company.


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Operational Restructuring
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