Situation Analysis

Cantor Advisors provides a clear picture of the current situation and the strategies for future survival and success. 

After a detailed analysis of the company’s operations, marketing, technology, financial performance, and balance sheet, Cantor Advisors quickly completes its diagnosis, providing a set of options and a practical recommendation.

What will the situation analysis reveal?

  • The company’s cash requirements
    • What are the short- and medium-term cash requirements? 
    • How effective is the company at managing its working capital?

  • The effectiveness of the management team, its strategy, and its operations
    • What does the historical financial performance reveal about a company’s current problems?
    • Is the management team appropriately staffed, incented, and focused?
    • Does the current market and competitive environment require changes in strategy, staffing, or operations?
    • Are internal events such as leadership changes or mergers well-managed?
    • Is the company maximizing its strengths and improving upon or minimizing the effect of its weaknesses?
    • Is the company meeting its fiduciary obligations?

  • The short and medium-term options
    • What are the costs and implications of each major option?
    • Which financial and operational strategy maximizes the value for the stakeholders?
    • What is the financial plan and liquidity requirement?

Situation Analysis
Operational Restructuring
Financial Restructuring
Bankruptcy Case Management

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