Why Cantor Advisors?

Experience – Cantor Advisors has led operational turnarounds, company sales, bankruptcy filings, working capital improvement projects, and situation assessments. Cantor Advisors has worked in most major industries including healthcare, light and heavy manufacturing, telecomm, software, distribution, and business services. It has worked with consumer-facing and wholesale products and services.

Skills – Cantor Advisors provides focused expertise in the following areas of finance and management:

Situation Assessment Skills 
Advanced financial modeling
Financial planning and cash flow planning
Strategic analysis and company assessment
Assessment of business operational effectiveness including information and technology, logistics, sourcing, sales, accounting/finance, marketing, and quality.

Turnaround Management Skills 
Leadership – Hiring, communicating, incenting
Day-to-day management of business functions – IT, sales, operations, sourcing, logistics, accounting
Working capital management and cash management
Negotiations with financial partners, vendors, and customers.

Good Judgement – Cantor Advisors has a history of accurate assessments, practical recommendations, and effective decisions. 

Fast-moving and flexible – In healthy companies, the Cantor Advisors pace might be considered impatient. But, in a turnaround, nobody has time to waste. Analyses need to be completed immediately and implementation cannot wait either. 

Cantor Advisors has been engaged in assignments that vary from business analysis to corporate leadership and operations management. Cantor Advisors can move quickly, travel, and fill the role that you require. 

Respectful – In a troubled company, the stakes are high and so are the emotions. Success requires clear thinking, calm, and respect for all of the constituencies and partners since any dis-satisfied constituency can impair or slow a successful workout. 


Situation Analysis
Operational Restructuring
Financial Restructuring
Bankruptcy Case Management

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